Some of the projects I have worked on that are in my opinion worth reading more about.

Dorpsvlag Witteveen

Several years ago I designed the official village flag of Witteveen for festive occasions such as January 26, the date when the village was established.

The flag consists of five horizontal bands of which two are green, two white and one brown. On the hoist side there is a green triangle. In the brown band is written Witteveen 1926 and in the white a goat is depicted.

The green symbolises the forrest surrounding the village, the brown the peat extraction and the white colour the hare's-tail cottongrass that used to cover the village bogs.

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When driving to Amsterdam a big blue building nowadays arises. Before the hotel could even receive its first guests, a press event was organised. During the event a Whaletone piano was hoisted into the hotel.

Special guest joining Chris Luken (founder Fletcher Hotels) and Rob Hermans (CEO Fletcher Hotels) was internationally recognised pianist Wibi Soerjadi. Next to assisting in the organization of the event, I made press photos during this special moment for the official press release.

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Press event Fletcher Hotels
Hoisting the Whaletone piano
Hoisting the Whaletone piano
Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam press moment
Fletcher Hotel Amsterdam press moment
From left, Rob Hermans, Wibi Soerjadi, Chris Luken
Catharijnehuis Utrecht / Editorial design
Catharijnehuis / Editorial design
Catharijnehuis / Editorial design

29 stories about 29 years of Catharijnehuis. Together with journalist Hugo Verkleij and photographer Niels Noot I created the jubilee book Een andere wereld about homeless shelter Catharijnehuis in Utrecht. Due to an imminent closure after 29 years the book had to be created before reaching the jubilee of 30 years.

The book was presented by Maarten van Ooijen (alderman Utrecht).

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